Price Guide

Film is processed on site using professional 'dip and dunk' C41 process. This means the film is never in contact with machinery as with other processing techniques so can't be damaged, the chemicals and water are constantly being replenished ensuring the film maintains its archival qualities. The negs are dried at low temperatures. All of this ensures they are not damaged and will not deteriorate in time. No charge for film pulling or pushing.  Films supplied in clear plastic archival sleeves with job ref sticker for clear filing.


Colour (C41) Film Process Only

  1-20  EXC VAT  20+ EXC VAT 1-20 INC VAT  20+ INC VAT
135 /120                                        £5.50 £5.00 £6.60 £6.00
220  £7.50 £7.00 £9.00 £8.40
5x4 £4.50 £4.00 £5.40 £4.80
10x8 £9.00 £8.50 £10.80 £10.20

Colour (C41) Dev & Scan

Films are scanned in full roll straight after being processed on site and before being sleeved up. We use industry standard Noritsu HS-1800. 
135 /120  £15.50 £18.60
220 £22.50 £27.00

Colour (C41) Dev & Contact Print

Traditional contact print onto photographic paper with a choice of Fuji DP2 or Kodak Premier Endura paper in matt or glossy finish.  We can scan the contact print in for on screen editing and deliver the scanned contact via wetransfer./Dropbox
  EXC VAT                                                   INC VAT                                               
Film process & traditional contact print £12.00 £14.40
Contact print only £6.50 £7.80
20 mb scan of contact print £5.00 £6.00

BW Processing Services

We process all 35mm and 120mm BW films on site by hand, not by machine.  
  EXC VAT                                INC VAT                            
135/120   £8.00 £9.60
B&W Dev & Scan £18.00 £21.60
B&W Dev & Contact Print £14.50 £17.40

Roll Scanning

All scans are scanned on the Noritsu HS-1800.

  EXC VAT                                           INC VAT                                       
35/120 roll scan  £10.00     £12.00
120 roll scan £15.00 £18.00
£5 extra for already cut negatives    

Imacon Scanning

Hasselblad X5 virtual drum scanner, taking negs up to 5" by 4". Two levels of service available
                                                                    Not Cleaned/Cleaned (EXC VAT)     Not Cleaned/Cleaned (INC VAT)   
20Mb    £5/£10 £6/£12  
80Mb £7.50/£20 £9/£24  
150Mb £10/£30 £12/£36  
150Mb + £12/£40 £14/£48