Portfolio Printing Service (film)

Our portfolio printing service offers the best of both analogue and digital worlds.

Handcrafted prints made in the darkroom to your specification, making the best use of traditional hand printing techniques that cannot be matched digitally.

Base fogging
Continuous tone prints
Dodging & Burning

This master hand print is then professionally scanned and finished in photoshop to produce a digital master for final output on our digital c-type printer.

Portfolio Printing Service (digital)

Please go to our Digital Printing Page for more info.

The Offer

1/2 hour consultation with Lee Williams to discuss your brief.
Final master Prints upto 12x16 inches (approx A3)
High res digital master transferred to your hard drive.


£40 per image
£35 per image (10 or more)
£30 per image (20 or more)

Students 25% discount with student ID