Hand Printing


A traditional print is made in the darkroom from a photographic negative. One of Rapid Eye's expert printers will make you a beautiful hand print to your exact specification. Whether you would like to instruct and leave us to it (see prints to order below) or if you would prefer a more collaborative approach (see one-to-one below) it is totally up to you. 

We also offer a one-to-one tuition printing workshop should you wish to learn the craft of hand printing and make your own c-type prints.

Hand C-Type Prints to Order

We will take a detailed brief and then work to your exact specification.

One-to-One Printing

We are available to work one to one to explore the print; to be instructed and directed in any way required. Working closely to your brief we can offer creative input gained from years of experience.


Chris is available for all C-type printing, by direction or to order. He also runs workshops for anyone, from beginners to experienced printers, that want to learn more about printing from colour negatives, base fogging and other advanced techniques for those wanting to uprade to film. 

Past and present clients include: Juergen Teller, Jamie Hawkesworth, Mark Peckmezian, Liz Collins, Ben Parks, Cristian Marclay, Harry Borden, Quentin De Brey, Richard Hamilton, Samuel Bradley, Richard Billingham, Rory DCS. Laura Jane Coulson,  William Eggleston, Rankin, Nick Waplington, David Hughes, Paul Murphy, Vincent Peters, Kylie Minogue, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Brian Griffin, Rebecca Pearce, Paola Pivi, Martin Creed, Toby Mcfarland-Pond, Phil Poynter, Tierney Gearon, Stephania Papereli, Mary McCartney, Darren Almond, Paul McCartney, David Bailey, Robi Rodriguez, Bill Owens, Takay, Lee Jenkins, Conde Nast, Sir Don McCullin, Purple Magazine, Alistair Taylor-Young, ID.


We can take care of your deliveries locally and worldwide. Please ask for a quote. For international deliveries we add a handling charge.


Negative Storage

We only have space to store current jobs. Even though we are careful with our clients' materials we recommend that you insure all negatives and other materials owned by you or your client. Our liability is limited to the replacement of materials only.