Upper floor

There are 3 darkrooms for hire. 2 of these darkrooms contain 1 5x4 enlarger and 1 10x8 enlarger [rooms 2 and 3], both these rooms cover 35mm to 10x8 inch. The other darkroom [4] has 2 enlargers which cover formats from 35mm to 5x4. Our colour processing machine runs RA4 Tetanal Professional chemistry and takes 4.5 minutes to process dry to dry. The machine is 32" wide with the largest manageable print size being 30" x 40". There are easels upto 20x24 and lightboxes for general use and each darkroom contains a air duster powered by a large air compressor.

Only 1 enlarger can be used for printing, the second enlarger is there for technique purposes only. The upper floor is superior for larger printing and for making large runs of contact prints. This is because the paper processor is 32 inches wide and sheets upto 12x16 can be fed in 2 at a time. There is ample desk space and magnetic viewing boards. All lighting is Philips daylight flouresant tubes.

Lower Floor

There are 4 darkroom each with 2 devere 5x4 enlargers covering formats from 35mm to 5x4 inch. Each darkroom contains a compressed air duster. During your printing session you have access to a 22 inch colour paper processor and a 22 inch black and white paper processor. Each darkroom has allocated its own desk and viewing area.


We also sell

Boxes of photographic paper.  
Kodak supra & Fuji DP2 colour papers in matt or gloss and  Ilford satin and gloss black and white papers.
50 sheets 10x12
50 sheets 12x16