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Paterson Proof Printer

Paterson Proof Printer

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Key Points
  • Proof 8x10", 5x7", 4x5" Fil on 8x10" Paper
  • Also used as a copy board
  • Hanging Slot



The Paterson Proof Printer/Document Easel is a larger version of the contact Proof Printer with plain glass for proofing 8 x 10", 5 x 7" and 4 x 5" film formats on 8x10" enlarging paper. This proof printer alsoworks as a copy board to hold artwork, photos, or documents up to 10 x 12". A hanging slot on the back permits horizontal as well as vertical copying and can be used to proof larger film formats i.e. 4x5", 5x7", 8x10". Features rubber feet for stability.

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